Starting a Trucking Business

If you are thinking about buying a truck, there are a few important things you should know. With a commercial vehicle, there are all kinds of questions that need to be answered. How you answer these questions will determine what steps you need to take to actually get your truck on the road.

  1. Are you driving a commercial vehicle?
  2. Are you hauling your freight for hire?
  3. Are you crossing state lines with your commercial vehicle?
  4. Are you hauling for hire across state lines with your commercial vehicle?

Trucker’s Paper Trail, Inc. will help you to answer these questions. When you use us to obtain your US DOT number, MC number or PA PUC number, we will guide you step by step through what could be a confusing process. We will apply for the necessary authorities and state permits, file your BOC-3, work directly with your insurance agent to make sure the required filings are taken care of, and provide you with a driver qualification file for your US DOT and / or PA PUC audit.

Already Trucking?

Trucker’s Paper Trail, Inc. can provide quarterly IFTA fuel tax reporting and quarterly mileage tax reporting. We can provide you with trip sheets for this purpose or you can use your own method – provided your trip sheets are legible and complete. We can use the trip sheets and calculate all the miles and fuel per state and use this information to file your taxes or you can calculate the total miles and fuel per state and give this condensed information to us.